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a simbol used by neo-natzi skin heads. it is commonly worn on a shirt or as a flag. latley it has becom a "trend" to have it tattooed on your fore arm to show that you are a skin head. often is shown in black incased in a white circle on a red back ground
"thats a weard flag"
"its a three sevens he's a skin head"
by cahrin September 09, 2007
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Australialand native gun nut and hub mod who has been known to get drunk, eat steak and shoot "gooks". A true Australian hero.
"oh hay threeseven, how many gooks did you kill this weekend when you got drunk?"

"welcome back threeseven, how was the steak?"

"sup 37, shoot any gooks while you were downstairs eating your steak?"
by you February 24, 2004
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