(adj.) describing guys who can pick up girls with only four words
Yo man that trias kid just picked up all the babes
by Trias Babe September 29, 2011
A wonderful sweet kind of a girl that is sweet,kind, and generous.But if you get on her bad side then you might as well go to hell then get on her bad side. we all love Tria more then ever.

-Maggie James
Tria - sweet and kind
by Hurricanejames9587 November 14, 2019
tria is the best friend in the whole world. Tria is very rare person to come by there maybe only 1 tria in the whole univers.
tria is the best cousin/ friend
by Hurricanejames9587 February 6, 2020
Tria is the funniest girl you will ever meet, and she smart asf. Her so called “brother” is very rude to her for some reason but its ok. She fine asf and is very TALL although some may be a li taller than her. She is a straight A student and she likes tacos and burritos
Tria is very smart !!
by Giddyupup November 19, 2020
Tria is the most finest female you will ever meet, and the smartest
by Giddyupup November 19, 2020
Tria is the finest girl you gone meet, and she smart asf
Tria is fine asf omm
by Giddyupup November 19, 2020
by November 24, 2021