A mythical brand of beer popular in the 1960s. It never existed, but it sure was good!
Wish I had me a Tree Frog Beer to suck on right now!
by Sneaky Snyde May 26, 2005
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A whore. A girl that hops from dick to dick like a treefrog hops from tree to tree.

-my friends and i needed a way to call down girls without them knowing.
"OMG, she is such a treefrog!"
by Em-otown October 06, 2011
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An Australian $100AUD note.
"Don't be flashing 'round those 'treefrogs'. You'll get rolled up in this muh-fucka."
by Diego August 14, 2003
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A Tree Frog is an individual that becomes a tattoo shop groupie, they are easly spotted by their common uniform of revealing outfits, new tattoos, and thier willingness to sleep with tattoo artists in exchange for free body art..Avoid at all costs!!
Though she is a tattooist now, a perfect example of a tree frog is Kat VoN D.. she tree-frogged her way into the pro biz riding the coat tails of the Great, Oliver Peck.. all respect Oliver, still the greatest traditional artist I have had the pleasure of meeting
by txbrickhouse January 27, 2011
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Treefrog: the act of throwing your body and latching onto an unsuspecting person whilst bellowing "TREEFROG". It is termed as such due to the resemblance of the unsuspecting individual representing a tree that has a Treefrog clung to it. It's origins are unknown, however it is regarded as one of the intimate forms of affection.
Kadn was upset until his friend Shaun Treefrog'ed him. It made his day go from pretty shitty to "Ahh that is nice, someone loves me".
by Jesse Fridge November 08, 2015
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