Trapping is the act of going to a club and convincing a woman to have sex with you. The word is a homage to men who set traps for beaver so they could sell their pelts. In the modern day usage, men are still setting "traps" for "beaver", except now the traps are the art of persuasion and the "beaver pelt" is a woman's vagina.
Pick-up Artist 1: "Okay, brother, where are we going trapping tonight?"
Pick-up Artist 2: "There is a new club down in Deep Ellum called, 'Clearview", I say we kick it there tonight and see how good the trapping is at that spot."
Pick-up Artist 1: "Sounds good to me, lets call Caleb and Chris and see if they want to go trapping with us".
by DallasDeckard October 04, 2017
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This is a process that involves a guy hunkering down on a see-saw (or a piece of equipment with similar use to a see-saw) with another guy standing at the other end of the see-saw. The guy at the end pushes the see-saw downward, sending the other end up the guy's balls.
John's trapping was tough to watch, man. That shit fuckin' stings.
by A.S.E. September 09, 2020
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A group of guys that go into a place, and begin to flirt with guys while dressed as girls.
Look at them, they are "Trapping"
by Rasbooer October 02, 2017
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