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Usually found within an anime/manga/ero doujin, this is when a male (usually a young teen) who is small and skinny dresses in women's clothes, creating a dangerously effective illusion in which they present themselves as female. This terrifyingly deception technique is the reason that they were given the name 'traps'.

Many brave straight warriors have fallen to the traps, being brainwashed into believing that it's not gay if they look like a girl. Just remember, if you are to one day find yourself about to go down on a trap, think to yourself; "Nigga that's gay asf"
Preteen girl rushes up and says

Trap: Hello, onii-chan, would you like to come to my place and have fun?

Straight Warrior 1: Well of course little girl, I'd love to!

Straight Warrior 2: Wait! Good brother!

Straight Warrior 2 reaches up the girl's long, frilled dress and feels a small penis

Straight Warrior 2: Stay back! It's a trap, I say, A TRAP!

The Trap, having been caught, hisses viciously before scuttling away down a sewage pipe
by LargePhleps June 04, 2018

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