one that is good at drug dealing, or someone that makes alot of money from drug dealing. See Trapper.
Dat niggas sold so much weight this year, hes a trap star.
by xbell April 9, 2006
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a nigga making paper

or even....

A guy or female making a lot of money
dat young jeezy nig is a trap star
by Jenna a.k.a J-Dawg October 17, 2005
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Having Everything on lock and order.Doing wha needs to be done in order to surive.
I am Trap Star at work and in the class room,
by wmHolliday May 26, 2006
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A female that has the intent to get pregnant by the male so that she may get child support money from him so that she may spend it on herself.
That bitch only fucked you so she can get money from you every month. She's a trap star. Now, your dumb ass is trapped.
by KB Killa October 13, 2006
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A guy who traps females in corners, between tables or wherever he can in order to holla at ther.
Man that E-Double-Die From The Chi a trap star the way he cornered that broad...
by trapstar69 April 2, 2009
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A young nigga making money of the trap shit. Known by the local. Usually the Plug in an area.
Yo that nigga is a local trap star everybody knows hes the plug.
by Local trap star February 2, 2017
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Surburban teens and young adults that live at home with their parents. However, they live in affluent neighborhoods in houses worth in excess of $500,000 (their parents house) and sell drugs to finance their purchases of entry level luxry sedans.
Trap Star: Yo brah I stacked mad paper becuase I flipped QP's all year!

Smart Guy: You buying a house?

Trap Star: Nah, brah going to cop the new IS350 and drive around all day and flip QP's maybe I'll become a ski instructor. Brah. Nah saying?

Smart Guy: You are a waste of space! Stop being such an urban upper middle class trap star! Go to school and get a real job!
by Staten Island Verbatim May 13, 2009
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