Cherie was feeling very surly: Tony had had a long day in cabinet and was too tired to press her magic button.
by Dunky Oggins November 22, 2003
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The magic button is a wondrous part of the female vagina also known as the clit. It is magical because it can make a girl cum very quickly.
Guy- bro that girls magic button was so far up, my foot couldn’t even reach it.

Vaughan- I bet my dick would find it...

Rando- y e s

The Magic button is Also known as clit
by M y s e l f..... September 16, 2019
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The delusion that editing images, design works, creating designs, or creating digital paintings and illustrations is a simple task that only takes a few minutes or with the push of the button.

This delusion is brought on by a combination of the inclusion of computer software and hardware into art and design worlds, as well has having minimal-to-zero understanding of the technical processes required to achieve the desired results.
Pam: I need you to make it look like I'm sitting next to Chewbacca on a roller coaster! That shouldn't take you long, right?

Tim: Actually it'll take me at least a few hours...

Pam: What do you mean!? It should only take you a few minutes! Aren't you going to just Photoshop it!?

Tim: Pam, you have what we call "Magic-Button Syndrome"...
by CombatByDesign December 16, 2021
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If your enterprise cannot connect efficiently and cost effectively with new customers and clients, it will not survive.

To do that, each organization (for-profits, non-profits, charities, even NGOs and government departments) needs to have a magic marketing button: a button they can push, over and over again, that reliably and cheaply makes ‘the phone ring’. It is an ‘easy button’, so to speak.
“In the mini storage industry, for example, their magic marketing button can be as simple as sending a postcard to nearby homes reminding them that, if they have too much stuff in their garages, say, they can get rid of it in a hurry.”
by Prof Bruce August 3, 2010
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