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Not just boots, but a brand of shoes specializing in boots.
They do not always have sheepskin insides and suede outsides, although most do. Most people have a strong opinion about UGGs, either favoring them or despising them.

The only defense that UGG-haters have is that they're probably called UGG because they make ugly boots, which is the most unoriginal pun ever spat out by the Tard Machine.

When faux, they are called fuggs.
Idiot: Ew! Why are you wearing UGGs? I HATE them!
UGG wearer: Are you saying I should dress according to your likes and dislikes?
Idiot: Well, they're ugly. That's why they're called UGGs!
UGG wearer: I'm pretty sure a marketing team wouldn't name their shoes UGGs because they want to point out they make ugly boots. I mean, wouldn't their sales drop?
Idiot: Um.....well...........I...
by teagreen July 26, 2008
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People who are a certain age, like all people.
However, they are as a person a different age, in most cases older.
Sometimes, though, their true age is younger. For example, Micheal Jackson.
Jenny: I heard Britney Spears was transage until she turned 21.
Bob: I used to be transage...until I turned 25
by teagreen May 29, 2008
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Guy: How long has it been since you went to powder your nose?
Bob: Quite some time now
by teagreen March 26, 2008
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Princess who gets kidnapped and raped everyday, by Bowser (one horny bastard!), Baby Bowser, and others.
Either the security at the Toadstool castle is mega-sucky or Princess Peach is turned on by rapists.
by teagreen March 17, 2008
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When one guy peels his foreskin forward and another guy inserts his dick into the tube of foreskin
Dude, I hate that gay couple. They're practically foreskin fucking in public.
by teagreen April 6, 2008
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