Music that comes out from evolution of techno, new wave, psychodelia, hindi music and others. Just allowed to people who like good music. It means not allowed to brains who consider rap majestic. Enjoy the silence..
Would you compare Michellangelo and Picasso? The Doors and Pavarotti? In trance there is some music (especially european) but there's also a lot of rubbish. Just sort them out
by Jg July 28, 2003
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trance is sad
it's a tear
it's the cry of the memories
the music of lost feelings
of the love that hurts
or if you're lucky enough, is the music of recapture...
the music of two people
that cry
holding eachother
maybe from happiness
or perhaps because of the things that hurts to much to be like they were somethimes...

but in the same time trance is an attempt to forget
a prison-breaking
an escape
to sublime...
ferry corsten vs the thrillseekers - sublime
by !LL4armin August 11, 2005
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Trance Gemini, the hottest character on the TV show Andromeda. The show sucks, but Trance almost makes up for it. She's a weird purple alien chick, who turns golden in the later seasons of the show, for some reason.
I wanna do Trance

Um, is this supposed to be longer or something?
by Bob882 October 07, 2004
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Lifeless electronic music of the 4/4 variety. Wishes it were techno. Signified by aggravatingly long drum rolls, low-frequency synth stabs opposite every downbeat and positively mindless melodies that evoke no feeling in serious-minded electronic music enthusiasts. Trance music is often favoured by unsocialized "emo" teens and grown men with ambiguous sexual identities.

Synonyms: garbage, junk, soulless.
Antonyms: Techno.
Doof-bwomp-doof-bwomp-mary-had-a-little-lamb-doof-bwomp..! "Trance, yeah!"
by Proton1 August 11, 2009
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Techno with a march layered over the standard 4-on-the-floor drums. Beatless portions are interspersed throughout; these "ambient" sections then get an accompanying snare roll that doubles several times until the bass drums resume. Typically 130-160 BPM.

Characteristic tracks include:

Robert Miles - "The Dream"
Astral Projection - "Mahadeva"
Commander Tom - "Are Am Eye?"
"When she played that trance record with the pianos and chanting in it, I suddenly started crying and dancing really hard. I couldn't stop crying or dancing."

"Trance'll do that to you."
by heikediguoren April 21, 2006
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Music that requires no talent or musical ability to create. It is the “creation” of so-called “producers” who fancy themselves as actual musicians. Most “artists” who “write” trance music have very limited skills at playing an instrument or singing. Lyrics, if any, are usually elementary level at best. Trance is “composed” primarily via programs such as Logic and Appleton by using pre-recorded loops. Occasionally, the “producer” will place the tip of his penis onto a midi controller to trigger a few spacey sounds drawn from from an extensive data base of virtual (not real) instruments provided by Steve Jobs. Trance music lacks humanistic feel made possible by the use of real instruments. Any monkey with an index finger and a laptop can be an award-winning trance artist. Trance is very popular in Europe with drug users who don’t know when to go home. It should be said that the most popular “artworks” are usually the worst. The general public usually knows nothing about art which is why Vanilla Ice’s album sold 6 million copies. Some say that trance is “music for people with I.Q.’s over 130” which is interesting since it takes only an I.Q. of 30 to create. These people fail to realize that a high I.Q. has nothing to do with being informed or musically educated. In fact, most “trance snobs” couldn’t tell you that the current song on the radio is sung by The Beatles. Seriously, if ever there was a wrong style of music to be a snob about, it’s trance.
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Slow lyric, fast beat.

Although trance may have links to all types of music, this is the simplest way it can be explained.

The general public's exposure to this music is limited to "club anthems" and other saturday night remixes on radio stations.
DARUDE -male trance artist
by CHRISTIAN LARDY February 26, 2005
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