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1. a flaming homosexual.

2. the biggest queen, usually enjoys long walks on the beach.

3. a boy who chooses muscle over mind.

4. someone who makes up for rude behaviour by having a massive dick.

5. possess a specific talent that includes taking his toung and a vagina.
" the other day this guy asked me if he could eat me out.. i was like no.. then he was like ' dont worry, they call me a trafford' "

" holy shit his junk is massive! " . "yo that must be trafford!!!!"

"mommy will i grow up to be a trafford?"
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The act of sending voluminous amounts of electronic communication to other individuals. Generally, a minimum of 5 emails is required before a true trafford can be considered to have taken place. Often, this form of communication is necessary and useful -- however it can also be amusing.
George trafforded me earlier today regarding the class presentation.
by testhishit January 20, 2009
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A Manchester raindrop that lands on a person (usually the face or head).
"A Trafford fell from the guttering above striking his head with an almost audible sound."
"The drizzle wasn´t too bad, but the Traffords blowing off the scaffolding caused the pedestrians to blink and cover their eyes."
by Maribor June 01, 2007
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