1. a flaming homosexual.

2. the biggest queen, usually enjoys long walks on the beach.

3. a boy who chooses muscle over mind.

4. someone who makes up for rude behaviour by having a massive dick.

5. possess a specific talent that includes taking his toung and a vagina.
" the other day this guy asked me if he could eat me out.. i was like no.. then he was like ' dont worry, they call me a trafford' "

" holy shit his junk is massive! " . "yo that must be trafford!!!!"

"mommy will i grow up to be a trafford?"
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The act of sending voluminous amounts of electronic communication to other individuals. Generally, a minimum of 5 emails is required before a true trafford can be considered to have taken place. Often, this form of communication is necessary and useful -- however it can also be amusing.
George trafforded me earlier today regarding the class presentation.
by testhishit January 20, 2009
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The act of smoking marijuana, but covering it up as simply visiting the home ground of football team manchester united, old trafford.
Hey, wanna go old traffording later?
Sorry i cant, im busy cooking eggs.
by jamesbond2007 September 25, 2017
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Commonly know as 'The Swamp', Old Trafford has the worst atmosphere in Europe probably due to the amount of business men trying to get a bit of piece and quite in the Stretford End, and basically having fans that don't speak a word of English!

Popular Chants include:
너 이리와 레즈
Man United Fan 1: 'Have you been to Old Trafford recently?'
Man United Fan 2: 'Course not I'm a united fan!'
Man United Fan 3: '我已經看到曼 聯和昆士 柏流浪'
by Hatethescum January 14, 2012
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Located in the Trafford Borough of Manchester the Trafford Centre is the largest shopping centre in the UK and second largest in Europe. The centre attracts 30million people a year. The centre is owned by Peel Holdings, whose owner John Whittaker uses the mall as a shrine of his own importance, portraits depicting members of his family run around the top of the walls of the mall.
With the demise of the festival village for John Lewis Warhammer fans must now settle for a much smaller venue.
The TC is also home to Odeon cinemas, offering joy to all, except of course the Curzon in Urmston.
The nightlife of the centre was once of reasonable standards, but with the new extension, once popular chav bar Tiggis has been removed. Forcing everyone into the Exchange bar, offering a 1/8 chance of being bottled and a 1/10 chance of being "CS gassed".
But surely there is security there? Yes, but the Redcoats are now all little "bullyboy" f*ggots" who abuse there power at every oppurtunity, have no fear though because the blackcoats might "kick some f*ckin a*se"-(actual blackcoat quote)
The Trafford Centre was once going to be called "The Dumplington Centre" as this is where it is situated in Trafford Park, but with the nearby sewage works, staff thought better of the idea.
The Namco station arcade is also a great source of entertainment, with bumper cars, pool tables, bowling, arcade machines, a casino and a bar it is a very relaxed, friendly enviroment, excpet on Eid.
Let us hope the new extension of the Trafford Centre next to Asda offers more entertainment facilities as the Orient is just too small for everyone to get along.
"Why are we a*sed about his mum's mercedes next to F Hinds"
"Hey John. lets go Exchange for a fight"
"The Trafford Centre orient, sometimes mistaken for Mecca on Eid"
"There's no need for John Lweis when you've got Debenhams and Selfridges, there the same, and the Festival village was well better!"

by Traffordian March 31, 2007
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Theatre of Dreams.
best ground Europe (if not the world) has to offer.
what more can I say?
at least our ground has real atmosphere.
by International Bad Boy July 05, 2004
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