1. a tree that leaves are plucked from
2. a meeting place for people in the tré cult
"Are you, are you, coming to the tré"
What species of trés do you enjoy climbing?
by louafsique June 25, 2020
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Used as a prefix. Means "very."
That kid breakdancing was tré cool. In fact, he was so awesome I want to have his babies.
by Cheesy13 August 18, 2005
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it’s like a side on titkok it’s usually called alt or deep tiktok, it’s really unfunny, toxic, hypocritical and DEAD humor.
person: your not on alt/deep titkok?
person 2: aww sorry but you’re not invited to the tré🌳😹
chile anyways so-
by i love clowning❤️ October 14, 2020
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is an amazing guy. He's sweet, kind, loving, caring, and extremely attractive. He can make even the worst and darkest of days seem bright and sunny. His smile lights up the world and his eyes twinkle like shooting stars. He's friendly, but firecely protective - he'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but if you hurt the ones he loves he'll knock the daylights out of you. He loves history documentaries and music. He plays the bass guitar and looks sexy while doing it. He's extremely intelligent, with a college degree in his back pocket and the knowledge of the world of pharmecuticals, computers and technology, and the world's history stored up in his pretty little head. He's laid back and confident, and always has his hair done up nice. His skin is as smooth as silk and he's always warm to the touch. He's a southern man with a love for family, friends, southern BBQ and NASCAR. He's a lover, and can take you to a level of cloud 9 that few even know exist. He's a passionate lover, but he can bring the heat and give it to you good when he wants to. With a slim frame, he is deceptively strong, and his slightly baggy pants hide a cock the size of guam that will light off fireworks in your stomach. He has perfectly chiseled features and a brilliant personality. Tré is the man you've been wishing for your whole life - if you can handle all that he has to offer.
Tré is so attractive! How can one man be so sexy?

Tré is so smart! He rebuilt my whole computer in a single day!

Has anyone seen Tré? My Doctor is out of town and I feel like crap. I was hoping he would know what kind of cold medicine would be best for my symptoms.

Watch out for Tré today. He's on a war path. Apparently someone was talking trash about his daughter.

GIRL A: OMG, I just had sex with Tré last night, and I STILL can't feel my legs!!
GIRL B: OMG, I've heard he's AMAZING in bed!!
GIRL A: He's so BIG! He's gotta be at least 9 inches!

BOY A: Hey, did you see the major wreck at the track last night??
BOY B: No, I didn't. You should ask Tré. He's a HUGE NASCAR fan.
by TresLuvrShay69 February 23, 2019
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A poop that is considerably larger than normal..
My wife ate two sweet potatoes last night and as a result dropped a trés this morning..
by GuntherMathesson October 05, 2015
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The tré is a holy tré that must be protected and sacrificed to at all cost.

To přøťëćť and säćrîfįčé to the tré you can join the trecult People in the trecult often write in a certain wąý and post their säćrîfįčé and přäýíňg videos on tiktok, or more specific, the elitetiktok/alt side of tiktok.
Äřé ýöù ćömmíňg ťô ťhę tré bëšťîé?

by Speedgnu69 June 11, 2020
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When someone thinks they are being overly fashionably cool with the latest tech and fashion, when in fact they are being a douche with a bigger price tag.
That guy filming his son's soccer game using the new iPad is looking trés douche!

Having matching socks and laptop cover is trés douche.
by CO_jcd March 09, 2011
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