Biters, beginners, or suckish graffiti artist
that crew is filled with toyz, trying to imitate banksy.
by vaaaandal March 25, 2009

fj33r the r00t l33t hax0r, Toyz
Sky says:
Toyz i love you
Sky says:
i fjeer you
Sky says:
by Rawand June 7, 2004
Guns; i.e. gats, glocks, AKs, Thangs
"These niggaz got toyz, that'll end ya life!"
by Tits December 4, 2004
Refering to typically male pursuits, and, more specifically, the equipment used in them.
fast cars, firearms, remote controlled cars/boats/planes, laptops, sports equipment
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 28, 2004
To describe something/one that is very dicky.
A League of Lagend player who had won the season2 championship as a mid-laner in Taipei Assassin.
He is a very toyz guy.
by Hdicnfhidn September 8, 2018