To pleasure another by either fisting or giving a hand job
Olivia: haha nothing like smelling a bum at the crack of dawn!

James: Uh whats that smell and why does my ass hurt so much. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!


James:"toughing" thats a new slang word

Olivia: LMFAO
by oliviaozone May 07, 2011
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Used by inept internet users who , for some reason, put a letter which is not only incorrect, but also approximatly an inch away from the correct letter in the word instead.
ยท @DEVIL`S_ADVOCATE ยท : i would not tough u with a 10 fot pole.

ยท frozen ยท : Ahhh...alright, there's a new urban dictionary entry.
by frozen July 05, 2005
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