To pleasure another by either fisting or giving a hand job
Olivia: haha nothing like smelling a bum at the crack of dawn!

James: Uh whats that smell and why does my ass hurt so much. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!


James:"toughing" thats a new slang word

Olivia: LMFAO
by oliviaozone May 07, 2011
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a response for when something bad happens. Basically like saying that's rough, that sucks, sorry to hear that, or something along those lines.
I told Chrissa I failed my quiz and she replied, "that's tough."
by Dab a Ranch February 10, 2018
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adj. excellent, first-rate;
used as a positive description of someone or something;
synonyms include cool, hot, tight, bitchin', sweet, awesome, pissa, hip, rad etc.
Yo, that's mad tough, yo!
Your car looks friggin' tough.
Tough, yo, I'm down.
by Your MOM! December 16, 2002
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