It was totes awks when my dad caught me in bed with my new boyfriend.
by Tanny_G April 8, 2011
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Short for "totally awkward." Coined first by people at Emerson College too lazy to say the whole words, and those who were trying to be edgy by making up new words/phrases. Often accompanied by sign language movements meaning "totally awkward."
I just ran into that guy I had hooked up with last week. It was totes awk.
by Z. Du Bois July 6, 2006
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abbreviation of "totally awkward", used in situations which calls for a comment about a "totally awkward" moment, but may be used frequently to annoy others and as a code for you and your friends (such as some sort of "cult" saying)

Megan: She wants to meet up to talk about our problems
Leslie: oh, tote awk
Hayley: yea, thats going to be tote awk
Madeline: sooooo tote awk
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Totally Awkard Situation.

First penned by Melbourne's Lazy. Too lazy to say the extended version. Also implented by cycling group MGCK.
Ellen- OMG i can't believe we just ran in to your ex. and his new gf.

Zoe- I knooooow.

Joely and Char- waah Totes awk sitch!
by Joelywh April 30, 2007
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Bro 1: Do you see that girl over there?

Bro 2: Yeah, you can tell she's totes def awk.
by IAmBatmanYo March 7, 2012
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