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Australian colloquiallism short for feral, meaning someone who aestetically unpleasant to look at or an object of questionable sanitary appeal
Guy 1 - Hey, what do you think of Tanya?
Guy 2 - Dude, wtf? She's fez...!

Girl 1 - Eugh, I just knelt on gum
Girl 2 - Fez.
by Joelywh December 10, 2008
Due to the common use of the word dog to mean an ugly woman, a new phrase was needed to signify a canine. Thus the phrase 'actual barker' was coined.
Jo: OMG check out that dog!
Ellen: What? Where? What's she wearing?
Jo: NO! not a dog girl, a dog, like an actual barker
by Joelywh November 11, 2007
Totally Awkard Situation.

First penned by Melbourne's Lazy. Too lazy to say the extended version. Also implented by cycling group MGCK.
Ellen- OMG i can't believe we just ran in to your ex. and his new gf.

Zoe- I knooooow.

Joely and Char- waah Totes awk sitch!
by Joelywh April 30, 2007