A term coined by various critics which discusses the current trend in horror Hollywood which consists of horror movies having no story whatsoever but gratuitous images of people having random body parts removed--from legs, heads to even penises (The last in Hostel 2). It's for those who don't remember the good old days where storytelling was key over visuals.
Guy: Want to rent Saw III or Hostel II?
Girl: I'm so sick of all this torture porn!
by dilary huff August 10, 2007
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A catchy if not condescending term used to describe the genre of movies in which people are tortured and killed, like the Saw and Hostel series. The phrase of course implies that those who enjoy the movies have a fetish for such things and get their rocks off watching someone being tortured.

Unfortunately this completely ignores the strengths of these movies. Saw really does have an interesting philosophical aspect, really. The story is also pretty good. The guy above said Hostel actually is just plain ol' torture, I would agree there.
If you can get past the gore and extreme violence, the Saw series are actually a good tale and not just torture porn.
by yuandynasty October 30, 2009
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An expression referring to some modern horror/thriller films you have to have a moron level of 23 (on a scale of 1-5) to use anymore. For Christ's sake, it's 2009. "Torture porn" is a silly phrase meant to refer to some movies, like Hostel, a phrase which is as old and outdated by now as segregation laws.

You have to be either
A: A complete retard
B: A troll
C: A pissed off old guy
D: A film critic with a basketball hoop up his ass
to actually use this term. In fact, if you use this term, that invalidates any argument you may put forward.

In other words, get over it and bitch about something new.

Complete retard: "If you liked a movie like Hostel or Saw, you're a sadist or a psycho or something! The whole fanbase! I judge people without knowing them or having any frame of reference as to what the hell I'm talking about, they all just love torture porn because I saidz so!"

Smart person: "WOW! Did you spend all that time philsophizing and doing all that hard-hitting data research about the Saw/Hostel fanbases...up your ass, by some chance?"

Compelte retard: "You are the Antichrist!!!!"

Smart person: *facepalm*
by JustLikeAWoman July 2, 2009
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That one where Squidward went to Kelpy G's concert and Patrick ate the passes. Torture porn
by 1973memes with helicopters November 27, 2015
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A phrase for a genre of horror films that seriously-very-douchebaggy critics came up with, and critic-sheep use as a mantra.

They tend to mindlessly apply them to the Saw films, The Devil's Rejetcs and Hostel without actually doing any research. But when your opinion is popular, you don't need to do research, amirite?

Saw is usually accused of starting the torture porn genre. For more on that theory, see: flat-out fucking lie

You see, Cannibal Holocaust came out twenty years ago, much more violent than all the Saw/Hostel/Devils Rejects films put together. That was 1980, so this didn't come out of nowhere with Hostel and Saw.

Plus, the Texas Chainsaw/Halloween/Friday the 13th remakes have been regarded as "torture porn" by some, even though they're the same as they were twenty years ago.

So...it is possible that we're just in an age of oversensitive-politically-correct douchebaggery?

Our crack team of researchers say...yeah, pretty much.
Person who thinks: Hostel and Saw aren't actually made for sick people, if you take time to really analyze it, you'll see it is deeper than it appears. The old adage "never judge a book by its cover" applies in most corners of life, including horror films.

Moron: That's just an excuse to watch someone get tortured with torture p0rnz in teh movie pictures!!1

Person who thinks: Actually, Saw fans are people who see the films not even for the gore, they enjoy the characters, the message, the story--

Moron: That's just an excuse to watch someone get tortured with torture p0rnz in teh movie pictures!!1

Person who thinks: They're still just movies. Besides, if they're meant to be horror, isn't that what they're supposed to do? If they exploit on it, isn;t that the whole point? Would you call a sad romance film that exploits audience emotions "romance porn", or a funny comedy that exploits the audience sense of humor "comedy porn"?

Moron: That's just an excuse to watch someone get tortured with teh torture p0rnz in teh movie pictures!!1

(Super-impose on the screen):
Arguing with someone who thinks Saw/Hostel are torture porn; it really is like dividing by zero.
by RageAgainstTheMorons June 25, 2009
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An ignorant, degrading, condescending, judgemental and hypocritical phrase asserted by fuckwit Bible-thumpers and conservative critics to films like Hostel and Saw and The Devils Rejects. The logic behind Hostel and Devil's Rejects being pinned such an ignorant term, maybe I could see. But the Saw films don't deserve that condescending shit.

'Torture porn' is a term that doesn't apply because it's BEEN applied by assholes, to films that have violence and nudity. Said assholes like to assume fans of these films are sadists who jerk off to this kind of thing or something, which in reality is fucking bullshit propaganda at it's finest. Most people who label Saw torture porn have never even SEEN the goddamn film, and just listen to what the media tells them about it, because they're fucking stupid. Not one fan of Hostel or Saw that I've ever known in my entire life has gone to see it because they wanted to jerk off to pain and suffering. They went to see it because they wanted to see a story, and use intellect to read between the fucking lines and see a film for what it is.

Case in point: Hostel. Yes, it has porno-style nudity, and yes it focuses on torture and gore. However, if you give it a thought (I know how uncomfortable haters of "torture porn" are with that God-awful "thinking"), you might see it as a film about the darkness of human nature within itself, and in a way it makes us think about the price of life. If you think I'm just making this shit up as an excuse to watch people die in agony, you're a goddamn moron, so please fuck your mother and die.

I don't even HAVE to defend the Saw films, because any fan of the Saw films can show the philisophical subtexts to the Saw films, which I will defend to my last breath.

Another point: THEY'RE JUST MOVIES. No one is really getting tortured, it's just special effect and makeup. You want torture porn? Read the Bible, and shut the fuck up.
Retard: Saw III and Hostel II are torture porn! I'm better than everybody because fans of those movies are sadists!

Smart person: Have you even seen those movies?

Retard: Uuuuuuhhhhh. . .no. But Oprah said they're bad!

Smart person: Exactly. You have no idea what you're talking about, SO SHUT THE FUCK UP and stop using that bullshit rhetoric mantra about fans of films who in real life are perfectly normal.

Retard: Saw fans are psychos! Hostel fans are sadists! Torture porn! Jerking off to gore! McCain/Palin 08!
by NoFadsThen April 3, 2009
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Any episode of SpongeBob SquarePants in which the character, Squidward Tentacles, is unfairly injured/stripped of any dreams or hopes for that episode for the sole purpose of him being Squidward and being the "bad guy" when in reality, he's the character we sympathize with. Also noted by an abnormally large IQ drop in SpongeBob or Patrick just for those episodes as well.
Fan 1: Did you see that new SpongeBob episode?
Fan 2: Yeah, it was a total Squidward torture porn.
Fan 1: I know, I felt so bad for Squidward!
by Yosuke Hanamura November 16, 2013
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