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When you're tired and horny at the same time, and you're torn between whether to fall asleep or to masturbate/have sex.
I was so torny last night. I really wanted to climb on top of my husband and give it to him, but I decided to just fall asleep instead.
by Sally Hunt August 04, 2017
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A seemingly incomprehensible and paralyzing state of being where one is simultaneously exhausted and sexually aroused. Experienced almost exclusively when one is by themselves.
Josh arrived home from work placing his keys on the hook and kicking his shoes off. There was nobody in the apartment. He laid down on the couch removing his shirt and pants and stared at his boxer shorts. Suddenly he was struck with the realization that he was extremely torny. Tired from work and yet needing release, he found himself at a crossroads with no clear direction in sight.
by justwannabetouched October 22, 2014
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1. contraction of Tornado.
2. adj. sometimes fiery and occasionally full of wind but mostly nice.
3. The opposite of torn
She is so torny but sometimes talks rubbish - what a torny!
by hamilton lauren July 24, 2005
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When one makes stupid decisions because they are TIRED and HORNY
The only reason that girl likes me is because I lead her on when I was TORNY
by not for long March 19, 2018
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