A colloquialism from late 90's clubs which meant the facade or look had been messed up from being out all night. Visualize trying to return a package that had been opened and messily taped back together.
"She's been partying in that outfit for the last three days, she's totally tore back"
by elecerati August 21, 2007
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Adj. Beat up, Sloppy, Uncoordinated, Tacky.
See "Burnt"
"Aye, did you see that girls outfit? She was looking pretty tore back."
by 3L3ectric Mistr3ss October 26, 2006
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referred to someone who had consumed a significantly large amount of alcoholic beverages causing them to be in the state of being extremely drunk.
that man was too toreback from that party to drive his mother home.
by goner December 22, 2003
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(Universal Term) Any person, place, thing, idea, buzz, mood, etc. that is fucked up beyond all reason, excuse, or recognition.
If you have been awake for 6 days on meth, you are officially toreback.
by the_toreback June 22, 2012
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Lacking physical or inticing qualities.
Yeah I know Nickle no neck, she's one toreback stank biatch!!
by Winston October 23, 2003
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Results from drinking oneself stupid and passing out face first in the sun with no shirt.
I got shithoused down at the nude beach and all I got was this lousy tore back.
by Jaggo March 20, 2004
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