Somebody, usually between the age of 12-14 that downloads music off of iTunes Music Store, and has a playlist that consists of nothing but mainstream singles and pop hits. No variation or adventuring into older, non-mainstream music exists, whatsoever. Period.
Boonling 7th Grade Girl: LOLZLERZ OMG chek mi iPod playlizt, itz so0o siiick so0 muuch gud muzikk, maikes mee wan danncee ommgg lmao <3333

Green Day
Black Eyed Peas
James Blunt
Pussycat Dolls
All-American Rejects
Sean Paul

Me: Damn these teeny-bopping top tens, they have no respect for music that's not 97% computer-created, 3% white trash.

by kroozie April 4, 2006
as in "she has amazing top tens", superb.
by r3gicide December 25, 2008
A list of the ten best things.
Top Ten in the charts are the 10 best selling songs that week.
by SxcBarbie November 14, 2007
top ten places to go when you first receive your driver's license
the top ten includes fast food places, restauants, etc.
by Lindsayx February 1, 2007
A top ten bruh moment is not an ordinary bruh moment, but one of the top ten, as the name suggests. When one says this phrase in reaction to an incredibly sigh-worthy or devastating moment, they are implying that it is a top ten bruh moment. However, it can simply just be dropped into conversation as a response to anything, just to be annoying and cringy.
Person 1: I lost my elytra and it despawned!

Person 2: Top ten bruh moments.
by HolySnurch4Life March 19, 2019
When Tip tup (a name popular streamer wilbur soot used for 1 stream) finds something really good he says that it’s a top 10 tip tup moment or if it’s terrifying it’s a top 10 tip tup terror etc
Me: *gets a pet dog* “that’s a top ten tip tup moment


Me: *finds something difficult to learn* “that’s a top ten tip tup learning curve
by LostChaosJosh April 8, 2021