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An article comprised mainly of a list of something annoying.

They are easy for content producers to create or plagiarize, and unlike news content, they remain "relevant" for years. Because they don't take long to read, visitors to the site are more likely to click on another listicle that interests them, generating more traffic. They are also bite-sized and frivolous enough to be shared on social media.
10 romcoms that were based on Greek tragedies
15 shocking things your cat doesn't tell you
The 7 things most commonly found in a celebrity's anus
by 1101165 April 09, 2014
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(n.) -- a magazine article comprised almost entirely of one long list of over 100 names of people notable for some achievement or national or international honor
"There's an 8-page listicle in the magazine this week, with lots of photos and quotes, but most of the text is just a huge list of 150 'women who matter' in today's world, according to the editors."

Overheard at a watercooler in San Francisco, January 19, 2011
by PRwiz101 March 09, 2011
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