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Somebody, usually between the age of 12-14 that downloads music off of iTunes Music Store, and has a playlist that consists of nothing but mainstream singles and pop hits. No variation or adventuring into older, non-mainstream music exists, whatsoever. Period.
Boonling 7th Grade Girl: LOLZLERZ OMG chek mi iPod playlizt, itz so0o siiick so0 muuch gud muzikk, maikes mee wan danncee ommgg lmao <3333

Green Day
Black Eyed Peas
James Blunt
Pussycat Dolls
All-American Rejects
Sean Paul

Me: Damn these teeny-bopping top tens, they have no respect for music that's not 97% computer-created, 3% white trash.

by kroozie April 03, 2006

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An event that occurs in (mainly) a high school classroom and sometimes even a university lecture hall. The act in which an innocent student attempts to answer a question posed by a teacher, and, upon incorrectly answering said question, the snipeshow occurs. First, an occupant of the backrow of the classroom will stand up, point, and yell "sniiiiiipeshow" so as to single-handedly verbally abuse the student who wrongfully responded to the question.

Rarest of all, however, occurs when an Ultimate BackRow Snipeshow occurs, where, prior to the unleashing of the snipage, the lights dim and there is utter silence in the room. Once the snipe has been performed, the victim will then run from the room and never return to class out of sheer public embarrasment.

i. eminated from Iroquois Ridge in Oakville, ON, Canada
Teacher: And so therefore, who can tell me what the quotient divisor of a negative reciprocal of the root based power of integer 93 will be?

Student: X squared to the two-eights over 9

Teacher: No.

<Split-second moment of silence>

(BackRow Snipeshow)

by kroozie March 07, 2006

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