The highest level of cunt rating someone can achieve. It is usually used to describe someone within a friendship group who has done something for a prolonged period of time to piss someone/a group of people off. When someone has reached Top Cunt status they can be referred to as TC until it is recognized within the friendship group that the TC has learnt the error of their ways. However, the term cannot be applied to a person when it is evident that they are just joking around. If someone cannot take the banter, the label of TC will not only NOT be given to the distributor of the banter, but the person who cannot take the banter will be jokingly referred to as the TC for a week.
TOMMY D: "Yesterday in town Mortimer told me that Simon P was sleeping with Jess W"
BRADSHAW: "WTF, gutted for Barratt. Simon P is a fucking Top Cunt!"

ANDY: "Bowers was moaning again about getting rinsed for being pissed on/smelling of piss, being a junkie and fingering a 15 year old when his now 18. He just keeps on overreacting when it gets brought up each time"
GRACE: "Well, maybe if he's given TC status for a week he will stop going tribal on us!"
ANDY: "Good fucking shout, give him a slap with your dildo while your at is as well!"
by Tom 'the fucking lad' Dobra April 09, 2010
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Top Cunt .... has a dual meaning! either " He's a great bloak !!!" Or he's such a cunt ... he's a top cunt!
Yeah! ..... That Larry's a top cunt ya know!
by Dave Jackson January 16, 2007
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