a leader in a firm(a firm is club organised by football hooligans supporting a team).the word is very common for the UK.
we got a game on saturday-Spurs away.the fight will be furious.i've heard their top boys are tough!
by danny dyer December 11, 2006
The Gay guy that doesnt like it up the ass. Top boy has nothing to do with control issues Jeff!
Im a top boy, youre a bottom boy. Not negotiatable .
by Mikel February 11, 2004
To be the number one boy - "top boy"
Gets all the girls, drinks the most drink & is the hardest kid about.
Aaron - "How do you get all the girls rich?"
Rich - "Because i'm fucking top boy!"
by wstocker June 23, 2014
When someone from born in the area "South London" decides to become a homosexual and starts to rape other south London gang members and earns the name Top Boy
Eh' Mate... My brother is Top Boy.
by Homedepotcamper April 15, 2022
A person in a homosexual relationship with daniel wibberley, but refuses to take it up the rectum, but will willingly give it to his partner...

He also has salmon teeth with a bit of beeth stuck..
by bigdickthreethousand October 11, 2011
They are lame ass lads who wear suburbs on their hats. They enjoy cracking onto their friends girlfriends and stirring trouble with the cops. They all have tatoos and always attend parties they are not invited to.
Who are those lads?
They are the Top Ryde Boys
by Morgan54321 October 20, 2007