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variation of goodbye, cya, later, etc.
Betsy: Bye Fran, I'm off to the pool.
Fran: Tootles
by Margareet April 05, 2006
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To insert your penis into another being's anus and then to literally spin them around in circles forming a human windmill.

1: Dude you wanna Tootle?!
2: Yeah sure, but no lubricant, I enjoy the blood.
1: Sweet, how fast do you want me to spin you?
2: Meatspin x 92
1: Nice!
by Shmodge_ October 19, 2008
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To be had by a person of mischief, tricked, deceived in a way that is almost comical, to experience another man's shananagaens, to fall in to the antics of a mischeivious man.
Man, when I realized he had hacked into my computer and tootled everything up, I knew it was done by a tootle. Thats when I decided to buy anti-tootle software. The Tootling has almost been untootled, but I still smell the stench of tootleism.
by MarcusP22 November 12, 2006
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the elimination of a small amount of urine after one passes gas.
Stop tootleing, you are getting the couch all wet.

Jill tootled and had to change her pant suit.
by doctorhandsome September 07, 2011
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uesed to say good bye by gay ppl who are unsure of themselves
That nerd over there jus said tootles to me! What was he thinking?!?
by over and out April 16, 2004
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