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to describe someone doing an act that is so stupid for words.
Bhavya: "I just cut off my finger trying to dissect a kidney"
Laurence: "Such toolery"

Laurence: "MP1 Exam #3 is moved to Monday for all classes."
Kedar: "So when's our test?"
Shivam: "Toolery."
by shkippay95 November 14, 2012
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when you got that sauce that's lookin extra fire.
Ayo my homie scott got real nice drip with his louis vuitton bruh.
Damn homie his fit is fire as fuck.
by eggski May 06, 2020
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1. Being a jerk
2. Acting like a tool
Hitting him in his happy place was a prime example of toolery!
by StillNotAdam September 15, 2009
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Toolery Another form for pimping. Used once you get a dime's number

Background: Ohio-
"Ohhh look at that toolery game, you know how a pimp does it"
by Kamilah November 07, 2004
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Jewelry that makes one look like a tool
Guy 1: Yo i better put on my best toolery for the club tonight!
Guy 2: Don't forget your pinky ring!
by feminineM&M February 05, 2012
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