to describe someone doing an act that is so stupid for words.
Bhavya: "I just cut off my finger trying to dissect a kidney"
Laurence: "Such toolery"

Laurence: "MP1 Exam #3 is moved to Monday for all classes."
Kedar: "So when's our test?"
Shivam: "Toolery."
by shkippay95 November 14, 2012
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1. Being a jerk
2. Acting like a tool
Hitting him in his happy place was a prime example of toolery!
by StillNotAdam September 15, 2009
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1: A group of Tools.

2: Acting the tool
1: Ah, here comes the toolery now.

2: Stop this Toolery you idiot!
by hatrickpatrick December 21, 2005
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Toolery Another form for pimping. Used once you get a dime's number

Background: Ohio-
"Ohhh look at that toolery game, you know how a pimp does it"
by Kamilah November 7, 2004
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Jewelry that makes one look like a tool
Guy 1: Yo i better put on my best toolery for the club tonight!
Guy 2: Don't forget your pinky ring!
by feminineM&M February 5, 2012
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