Cool. Used by MC Hammer a lot.

See legit.
MC Hammer - Too Legit to Quit

"Yo, dig my shoes, ain't they jus' too legit?"
by R4JC July 27, 2004
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The triplets...which are aaaa-mazing
We're too legit...too legit to quit
by Toddaka April 16, 2006
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A play off the popular number Too Legit to Quit by the preeminent MC Hammer, this phrase is used with pride by classy ladies (and some men) to describe their aversion to public toilets.

Best accompanied by a little shuffle dance
Haris Pilton, upon seeing a disgusting and desecrated stall: "OMG! I'm Too Legit to Sit, use the damn paper you rat whores!"
by Leonard Klaus July 30, 2009
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1) An MC Hammer song made in 1991
2) One of the many hilarious quotes from the 2007 movie HOTROD. Where Rod Kimble explains how he was once legit, almost to legit to quit.
I used to be legit. I was too legit. I was too legit to quit. but now I'm not legit. I'm unlegit. And for that reason, I must quit.
by DieWeak73 August 11, 2008
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When you're too much of a rule-follower and worked honestly for all you own. Basically, you deserve what you have and shouldn't quit.
Person 1: I just stole 40 diamond rings and $50 million dollars from the bank. I'm gonna quit now and enjoy ma fame.

Person 2: I worked a year for this $50. Too legit to quit.
by diseraw January 15, 2011
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When your riding on a coach and need to lay a spicy log, but you don't want to risk your fellow passengers taking in the potent fumes and judging you. So you hold it in till the next service station.
Guy1: I'm going to sack off squeezing this lemon and hold it in

Guy2: Lad. You are too legit to shit.
by Harrymarrymo October 7, 2012
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1.Too cool for school
2. The act of being too legit
3. Unstoppable awesome-ness
Guy 1: Man, that party was awesome.
Guy 2: Too legit to quit!
by Sparxxx July 23, 2008
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