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Miners who have been trapped in cave-ins and pound on the rocks for rescue. It is believed that the ghosts of these miners go on knocking in the mine shafts long after the victims have died.

This definition was the basis for Stephen King's bestselling book The Tommyknockers, only in his story it was aliens that had been trapped underground instead of miners. Not a bad book.
We went out to the old mine at midnight and heard the tommyknockers tapping from far below.
by Phaedrus Raen June 26, 2006
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In Stephen King's same name novel, it refers to humans transformed into gizmo-building alien slaves.
"Give a man an anal probe, and he is good for one test. Turn a man into a tommyknocker and he can make his own anal probes."
by A kick in the pants May 17, 2005
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Tommyknocker is one of the more successful DJ/producers of the hardcore/gabber scene in Europe

Tomasso Marra (Tommyknocker) was born in Italy on january the 20th 1977.
Tommyknocker starts his career in 1994 when he begins performing in some ‘illegal’ parties which are organized in Rome.
From ‘95 to ‘97 he collaborates with the “Virus staff” of Freddy K, and he is Resident Dj of a few discotheques like “06” and after “Oxygen” (the first hardcore club of Rome).
Tommyknocker just spun some wicked tracks at that rave, man!
by Gabber4Life July 29, 2009
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an adolescent who rings a doorbell in anticipation that the aged residents might come out in there underware waving a gun or claiming to have personal connections with the mayor 2) the funnest experience you will ever know 3) a person who can wake the dead with the sound of his slapping balls
Old Man McGinty: We got a tommy knocker round these parts. I swear if i get chance I'll blow his head clean off his fuckin' shoulders
by Tommy Knocker December 13, 2004
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Male breasts, man boobs, often covered with hair. Floppy, allowing the dude to easily pass the pencil test. Decidedly unattractive.
Joe: Look at the tommyknockers on that jogger!

Sue: Eww! He should at least put on a shirt before going out in public.

* * * * *

Buffy: Ohmygawd! Our sweaty lawn guy has more cleavage than I do. His tommyknockers are bigger than my knockers!
by Syrotica June 19, 2011
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