4 definitions by LostPenguin

A n00b who flames Tommy Tallarico cuz he speaks his mind.
Tommyknocker:"Tommy suXx0rz cuz he doesnt give 10's on JD"

by LostPenguin August 4, 2004
"Hey, is Judas at Church again?"
"Yeah, he'sa real crossjockey.."
by LostPenguin June 6, 2005
The SIG SG gun on Counter-Strike that n00bs use as an excuse for dying.
"I'm a n00b, but I can hide it by blaming my death on autosnipers!"
by LostPenguin September 7, 2004
An term that n00bs made up as an excuse for getting 0wned.

-Strategic waiting in online games
N00b: "OMG I got killed by a camper therefor Its his fault that I died!"
by LostPenguin September 7, 2004