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A woman who sleeps with or pursues men for things or money. She is a step down from a prostitutes, but almost the same.

Girls who would date an ugly, rich guy with no character before dating a nice guy.

A girl who dates, flirts with, or runs game on unsuspecting men to try to get pocket money, nails done, rent paid, car fixed, hair done, etc.

Note: The guy doesn't have to be ugly or have bad character, but for the woman, money is the deciding factor of her interest; no if(s), and(s), or but(s) about it.
She has been constantly in my face since she heard about my new job. She is borderline "toll-boothing" it tonight. (verb form)

Beware; that cute little shorty is a toll booth. She's definitely a heat seeker.
by Darian Lowe February 14, 2009
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A girl that one must go through in order to get with her friend. It is like the mother goose that will cock block unless you get her approval.
Damn, I spent 30 minutes impressing that toll booth so I could hook up with her hot friend.
by kevin kage March 02, 2011
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When a girl wearing low rider type jeans leans forward and shows a "carpenter's crack" creating the optical vision of a toll booth.
Check out that girl's toll booth, anyone got 35 cents to throw in.
by slick18 January 15, 2008
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