edgelord supreme birb man

"What a mad banquet of darkness"
by asfiopl July 19, 2018
A very supreme birb man who is a very underrated character. Portrays an outwards sense of edginess, but is actually a smol bean on the inside.
"Who's your favorite character?" -BNHA Fan 1
"Oh, Tokoyami's the best!" -BNHA Fan 2
"Hell yeah, birb boy!" -BNHA Fan 1
by YeetleOnTheBeatle January 21, 2019
Tokoyami is the name of the best birb boy in existence. He is known as an edge lord and says stuff like "Revelry in the dark". He is from My hero academia.
Bnha fan 1: OMG who is the bird guy he's a total edge lord.
Bnha fan 2: His name is Tokoyami Fumikage, he's my fav
Bnha fan 1: Well. . . he's all yours.
by Charbreon January 5, 2020
Certified goth birb member of Class 1-A from My Hero Academia. Some call him a chuunibyou, but he actually does possess a dangerous, dark power in the form of a sentient shadow beast that tends to go berserk at night. Likes apples.

Is, contrary to his edgy behavior, a valiant fighter of good. Is also a smol boi who will destroy you in a fight.

One of the strongest members of Class 1-A at day, while by far the strongest at night, capable to annihilate a villain Bakugo and Todoroki together were unable to damage.

Is also confirmed by MHA creator Horikoshi to be the epitome of cool.
Tokoyami: Revelry in the dark.

Moonfish (villain): injures friend of Tokoyami
Curb Stomp Battle is over in 10 seconds.
Bakugo and Todoroki: סּ _ סּ
by ThisIsAstatine January 5, 2020
A very emo version of Big Bird. Just slightly shorter. From the anime series BNHA.
Person 1: Oh is that Tokoyami?
Person 2: Yeah one of the characters in class 1-A with no representation
by rando1212 July 22, 2021
The best friggin bird boi on the planet with a shadow birb friend (hes a good boyo)
Fumikage Tokoyami is the best birb on the planet and he's my most favorite being in the whole entire universe
by Wolfafle October 11, 2020