A little girl wearing a pretty dress and ribbons in her hair.
Oh toetoe she heard her daddy saying she's the prettiest little girl in the world!
by Jinxie Dee Breece October 18, 2020
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a boy who is always late to college and has a gambling problem.
arran u could be a p.a
by tom March 13, 2005
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In New Zealand this isn't slang, its a VERY large kind of grass,say 2m tall, like South American pampas. Often spelled "toitoi", and pronounced more like "toytoy"
"Where did Dave and Sheila go?"
"They sneaked off over there, behind the toetoe, so I'm guessing they don't want to be disturbed!"
by grant54 November 12, 2007
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ĕ-tō(えっと) translates to "well.." as used in the begining of a sentence. It is similar to the "Umm.." "Ahh.." "Err.." when a person is searching for the right words(or at a lost for them). This phrase sounds very similar to the name of the subject of the song which is Tōĕtō. Due to the song's heavy play on words ĕ-tō is mostly left in its original form. Also, the phrase 猫かぶり("nekokaburi", a person wearing a cat hat) is a person pretending to be someone they're not. Basically someone who is to shy to speak to anyone. They are not otakus otakus
It's currently not a social problem right now because it usually happens to child starting kindergarten who has never been to Preschool.

The song Toeto is about a young girl who is shy to the point of running away and crying.
Mother: Why won't she interact with anyone in her class.

Doctor: Oh this is common, She is a Toeto she'll outgrow it by the time she goes to the first grade. She has to adapt.

Mother: Ok. Thank you so much.
by Mari Chan from NG July 28, 2010
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Someone who likes toes and uses them in lots of ways: eating, playing, dressing, etc.
Bob: look at that girl she is sucha toetoe. She is eating pizza with toes. SMH.
by idontknowanyone March 19, 2021
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