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ĕ-tō(えっと) translates to "well.." as used in the begining of a sentence. It is similar to the "Umm.." "Ahh.." "Err.." when a person is searching for the right words(or at a lost for them). This phrase sounds very similar to the name of the subject of the song which is Tōĕtō. Due to the song's heavy play on words ĕ-tō is mostly left in its original form. Also, the phrase 猫かぶり("nekokaburi", a person wearing a cat hat) is a person pretending to be someone they're not. Basically someone who is to shy to speak to anyone. They are not otakus otakus
It's currently not a social problem right now because it usually happens to child starting kindergarten who has never been to Preschool.

The song Toeto is about a young girl who is shy to the point of running away and crying.
Mother: Why won't she interact with anyone in her class.

Doctor: Oh this is common, She is a Toeto she'll outgrow it by the time she goes to the first grade. She has to adapt.

Mother: Ok. Thank you so much.
by Mari Chan from NG July 28, 2010
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