A toasted sandwich made in a special machine, usually containing cheese combined with some other foodstuff, or commonly cheese on its own.
'I'm having a banana toastie'
'You're nuts'
by paul raine May 05, 2004
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the very foundation of simps and webs, being toastie is to be a level of simp and web so high that mere mortals could never understand, to be a toastie is the pinnacle of simpetry and webbetry.
Toastie: "man I really love ganyu and jasmine, my love for them is just too strong"
Bystander: "stop being a toastie"
by i'mthatguy532 July 06, 2021
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A very camp-acting homosexual man.
Usually wearing skin-tight jeans or trousers and baseball boots (converse chucks)
"man, check out that toastie lookin mutherfucker mincing his way down the street"
by s latif April 18, 2008
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What deranged people call a jaffle, toasted sandwich or singular toasty/toastie.
Person A: This toastie is delicious.
Person B: Your What?
Person A: My toasted sandwich...
Person B: Don't you mean a toasty toastie?
Person A: It's called a toastie.

Person B: Do you know what a toasty toastie is?
Person A: You're deranged.
by The food authority December 01, 2013
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That one guy that loves cats.
Also silences all liberals.

Word for knowing politics
..And a lot of history.

What was anarchism again...?

Also messed up way of spelling toast. Seriously, who adds the i?

Get yourself a toasti honestly. Best teacher and great support
People: *talking*
toasti: *politics*
People: oh hey its toasti

Want to talk about history

toasti: SILENCE, LIBERAL *history noises*
by guhehe October 14, 2019
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When someone is low-key chill, cool without trying too hard
"Woa that was so cool. You toasty bruh"
by girlbread November 14, 2016
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The ear-piercing warble of Dan Forden from Mortal Kombat, haunting your nightmares, as once again, your friend beats you senseless and shouts along with aforesaid Forden, so you get a deathly harmony of "Toasty!" whilst you silently cry onto your SNES controller. nobody knows why he says "toasty", but it has haunted a generation.
Dan Forden:"Toasty!"
You:"no, why? oh the horror! wah! wah!"
by DRAGON FORCE January 17, 2006
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