toB : people who are legally toBs and are legally pog. Our king is toB (BlockFrost)
toB: Who wants to be a toB?
Random idiot: I want to!
toB: You have been knighted as Idiot toB!
by thecrazyman97 toB January 8, 2021
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Damn look at those tobs on that chick!

Guy 1: What are tobs?
by remairwaldo August 4, 2009
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(Noun). The name of a person that is self-obsessed, unneccessarily aggressive, ignorant and obscenely arrogant. A complete and utter cunt.
Fuck off TOB, wow you really are a self-obsessed, unneccesarily aggressive, ignorant and obscenely arrogant CUNT
by Claw Crew November 25, 2007
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What kids from Boston call "tobacco".
Yo! Lemme get some tob, keed. Tryna roll a spliff.
by trustoner September 4, 2016
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a tweaker on a bike
did you see that tob over there? where did that tob go?
by Crystal Bangs May 14, 2013
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A homosexual male who is open to giving or receiving anal sex. A merging of the words top and bottom.
That guy is a power Tob.
by Bob loves Todd March 30, 2012
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code for tig ol bitties when u see a hottie in the hall errbody shouts up TOB
by Beneric December 4, 2004
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