To add someone as a friend on the popular site Facebook
I am going to friend your fugly girlfriend just to see her pictures and laugh
by DaniloB February 27, 2008
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someone whom is not "technically" your boyfriend/girlfriend, but whom seems to fill the traditional roles of such a position. Sort of a boyfriend/girlfriend who is not recieving benefits.
I'm allowed to go out with "Guy B" because "Guy A" is just my friend friend.
by HeatherDawgFan February 11, 2007
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Someone who you have vaguely heard of. These people are the source of malicious gossip and urban legends.
A friend of a friend told me that Andy got Kate pregnant.
by Lambchops December 09, 2004
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when you're too scared to commit to your definition of a perfect girl so instead of friendzoning her you put her in a place between friends and something more so you can have your cake and eat it too
You: so what are we?
Boy you've been seeing for 8 months: oh you know friends friends

You: just friends ?
Boy: no, friends friends
by sahlulu5 November 15, 2016
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A person who is not connected to you by friendship, but is connected to you by being a friend of someone who you are connected in friendship with.
Daniel is not my friend, he is Jack's friend. Jack is my friend, so Daniel is a friend of a friend.
by Takeshi Kawasaki May 17, 2006
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Can be used to describe a Fuck Buddy or someone you are trying to fool into thinking they are your boyfriend/girlfriend.
"My friend friend slept with me last night."
by Ronesto August 03, 2008
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Someone who is more than a friend but is not technically your bestfriend.
My friend friend is the best person to talk to!
That’s my friend friend
by Slimroyaltyy September 25, 2018
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