To acquire non-sexual relationships with those of the opposite sex. Generally you bro someone to co-edify your friend group.
I want to bro that guy. He seems pretty cool. Fist bump. I just bro'd that guy and sealed the deal with a fist bump.
by Broship November 19, 2013
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To show the ultimate level of love and comfort to someone in pain or despair. This is mostly used in an amical context, but in rare cases can be used professionally too.
"He was so sad after the breakup, I had to bro him."
"This friendly nurse at the hospital really bröd me back to health, she was great!"
by Boi0fwar March 28, 2021
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A deep brotherly connection with another male that can be both related to you or not related to you. You two are so close that you are brothers for life. Originated by Calacat in 2009 north of Seattle.
by Calacat2 February 21, 2011
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The act of two males taking their genitals out and fighting each other over petty things
Person 1) Hey, why do you never tell me stuff about your life, you're supposed to be my best friend

Person 2) you always tell everyone else

Group chat) Well, looks like they're gona have another bro to bro, everyone get ready for some gay shit
by Slaughtergang for life April 5, 2017
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Another word to use in replacement for homie, bro, etc.
Wassup bro bro, how’s it goin?
by Sokai2 July 6, 2020
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means like dude or bro or brother.
yo Bro-bro whats up

whats up Bro-bro

yo Bro-bro
by Sami00monster September 11, 2008
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