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synonym for the verb 'smoke'. especially for smoking cannabis.

from the french word 'fumer'. pronounced FYOOM.
let's step outside and fume a phatty.
goodness! is it fume time already?
by uglyfriends February 14, 2011
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a password nazi is any organization which forces you to format your online password in a seemingly arbitrary and overly complicated way. it is usually done because the organization believes they are dealing with idiots who would set an easy to guess password, putting their information at risk. it's a hassle for most people because they must break their personal password convention to accommodate their nazi ways. password nazis also design pages to forget your autofill information and set short timeouts so you are logged out after a few minutes of 'inactivity'. password nazis are mostly relics of the web 1.0 era.
a password nazi site would have these rules: your password must contain more than 7 characters and contain both cases with at least one number and one symbol. your password should not be your name, anything familiar, or the word 'password'. for extra security you will be asked to fill out security questions should you forget your password.
by uglyfriends July 3, 2009
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a glass or bottle of beer measuring 625 ml. contrasted with a pint which is typically 500 ml.

the word is from the french equivalent of 'complete' indicating that a 625 ml bottle of beer is just the right amount for a summers day and will leave you slightly more satisfied than just a pint.

pronounced KOHM-PLEH, as in french.
a good old complet of pabst by the river won't leave me heavy-handed nor empty.

we can get more bang for our buck buying a complet instead of a pint.
by uglyfriends February 17, 2013
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