Thick NO NO

Antonym : tyy (thick yes yes)
That dress is a tnn (as in, that dress is horrendous, ugly af, you get the jitz).
That boiiiiii is a tnn (as in, piece of shit, manwhore, fuckboy).
by godolphinfam September 12, 2019
TNN (Trapped News Network), a unofficial newspaper for a Minecraft server named ‘Trapped SMP’ created by youtuber MagicGum.
Have you you read the new TNN article?

No not yet but I will check it out!

You 100% should, it’s a good read!
by 1 Day Delivery March 15, 2021
Typical. Nigger. Nonsense. Black people proliferating racial stereotypes by doing really dumb things.
"My grill iz golder than yoz"
"Nigga git yo hands off my fried chicken"
"Errbody kno I gotz the best kool-aid"

White guy:"goddamn, talk about TNN, right?"
by M.I.skeet August 6, 2013
A country music based cable TV channel that caters to country music fans and everything "country". Because it is and caters to a white (usually southern) audience it is sometimes refered as the "There's No Negros" channel, thus TNN. White trash red necks are proud of this and laugh about it in mixed company!
Hey Bubba, did you knowed that I just realized after 15 years that there are no negros on TNN and that is how they came up with the name?!
by Sales Guy Mark December 14, 2006
TNN is an acronym for the expanded, Typical Nigger Nonsense. A phrase used not only for blacks, but also who people that think they are black.
"Why is that kid wearing a pair of red jordans and ripped jeans to a wedding?"
"Whats that?"
"TNN- Typical Nigger Nonsense"
"Hate to see it"
by criguy11 April 25, 2018