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Suss is suss, and is used as a synonym to something being cool, but can't be overused or else it turns wrong. Things that are suss include your phone charger working when before it didn't, the smell of a fresh pizza box opening, and getting head in the school bathroom. Someone who says they are suss or that they "have sauce" qualify as anti-suss, and can be seen as a little gay. Being a little gay is suss, but actually being gay is kinda anti-suss.
Male 1: "Hey do you want to jack each other off later at your house?"
Male 2: "Maybe... kind of weird that you ask since I thought we were both straight"
Male 1: "Oh yeah sorry I forgot to tell you; no homo"
Male 2: "Thats kinda suss"
Male 1: "Alright I'll meet you at your house at 9"
Male 2: "Lookin forward to it"
by criguy11 May 02, 2018
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TNN is an acronym for the expanded, Typical Nigger Nonsense. A phrase used not only for blacks, but also who people that think they are black.
"Why is that kid wearing a pair of red jordans and ripped jeans to a wedding?"
"Whats that?"
"TNN- Typical Nigger Nonsense"
"Hate to see it"
by criguy11 April 25, 2018
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1. What you say when you are motorboating tits or are between her legs
2. What you say when you are knocking on the door and are about to enter
Male: *pulls down females pants*
Female: I'm wet
Male: Yabadabadooski !!!
by criguy11 May 02, 2018
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