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(T)otally (N)ot (F)unny
Derived from the necessity for a reply to such acronyms as:
#Jolly_Roger: I fucked a bitch whitout a rubber last night!

#Mental_Man: Don't worry, abortions tickle anyway!

#Mom_to_be: tnf!
by Oondeenie Queu December 24, 2004
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Used when some annoying 11 year old says 'lol' at innapropriate times on MSN.

Scott: Wuu2?
Emma: Nothing much
Scott: LOL!!!!!
Emma: TNF o.o

Emma: My dog just died..
David: LOL
Emma: TNF T_T
by Emmaaaa :) January 02, 2009
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Short way to say "thats not funny." Usually used online, after a sarcastic laugh at something someone said.
Girl: omg I'm lik sooo hilarious, i told a joke today in class it went like this: *lame joke*

You: Hahahahahahahaa!

You: Tnf.
by Stungirl<3 November 23, 2012
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tnf - to scream and act irrational, to fake fainting, syncope and sickness in order to attract more attention than the dead person. Usually affects only black females.(typical nigger fit) medical terminology. The name for what a black family does when a loved one dies.
by kdd March 31, 2005
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