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spanish shorthand "te quiero mucho".
"quiero" shortens to "kiero," thus "tkm."
Oscar, tkm!!!
by Annakrizia September 06, 2008
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the spanish short way to say i love you or y care of you..

Amiga tkm...(abrazo)

Friend i care bout you a ton...(hugs)
by koka216 October 24, 2008
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Tera Kasi Master

Tera Kasi is a melee (typically weapons-free, hand-to-hand) combat style in the Star Wars universe. A TKM is a master of the art.
TKM was a term made popular in the game, Star Wars Galaxies (among others).
by jasper976 June 13, 2006
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Trainer Maker Kit.

In use with a memory finder (T-Search) you can create trainers. Although, if you use 'hotkeys' in the trainer, it will come up with a false posotive. It will say it has a keylogger, because it uses the 'h@tkey.dll' file. This file is often used by keyloggers (although this is not a keylogger).
I made a trainer for GTA: SA, with only half an hour of work!
by Mazrim July 05, 2005
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Traitors also an act of homophobia pepsi is a member of tkm and is homophobic

Also means circle jerk
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
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A club for adults in which they teach kids proper masturbation etiquette.
Mr. Brian joined the TKM years ago.
by ELWANKUSPANKUS September 04, 2003
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Short for "Te Kiero Mucho" which is a misspelling of "te quiero mucho". It is a spanish way of saying "I love you". It was rather popular to use this term in the windows messenger, hi5 and myspace era. Nowadays it is mostly used seriously by spaniard Dads and oblivious adults. Any other use in spanish speaking context is mostly of an ironic way of showing affection, the same way one would say "ae lobz u m8" ironically: using misspelling and other primitive ways of cyber communication instead of showing affection normally. Sometimes used very out of context for laughs, like when you say "ok" after an extremely long answer.
Friend: Hey, you're such an idiot, how could you do this to me?! Fuck you, man, I thought we was friends...
Me: TKM.

Friend: Hey, come here man, you're my BFF let's take some emo pictures for our metroflog walls
Me:Sure, tag me, my username is xXxDeEaths_cHiLdxXx
Friend: Hahahaha tkm
by crustaceo June 07, 2016
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