Euphemism/antoher word for laughing. Now people titter when the word titter is said because of obvious sexual innuendo.
1: *people laugh at man*
Man: Why do you titter so?
*people laugh more*

2: "The Life of Brian was on last night. We tittered a lot!"
by Zelda199 November 14, 2006
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1 adj. - used to describe a desireable or favoralbe situation. syn - cool, awesome, great, cetera

2 noun - a gesture made with the hand to symbolize (without words) the above definition. Simply place your fingers in a fist shape, then extend outward your thumb and pinky, very similar to the hand signal from the 90s meaning "hang loose" or "kawabunga dude" by surfers. Using your forearm as an axis, rotate the "titter" to complete the hand signal.

etymology: derived from a small group of people in Northwesten Pennsylvania, then the titter trend spread across the state and country.

other forms: "tits" "titbags" "sweet titties"
alternate spellings: tittar
alternate pronounciations: tit-tar
Guy 1: Dude, I scored with a supermodel.
Guy 2: "Titter!"


Guy 1: How was the concert?
Guy 2: Oh it was so tits! Petty was rocking all over the stage and Campbell played one hell of a guitar. Plus, the Crowes opened. In one word, it was titter!
by judaspreist January 29, 2006
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You know the saying tit for tat? Well a titter is some one who always takes from you but when it comes time for them to pay you back they are cheap, lazy, ingore you, pay you back with less. They are titters. The have no concept of I help you out-you help me out. They are normally jerks and think they are worth more then anyone. Users are titters.
I made a web page for his company for free so that when I needed work done I would have a credit but now he will not return my calls. He is a titter.

Another example:
I gave my brother a new guitar I was selling and told him that when I had to do yard work he would help me but he showed up worked an hour then left to never return. He is a titter.
by Wendy Michele October 13, 2006
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titter is a verb. 'to titter' is the act of tits (boobs) flapping against each other.For men it is to mitter (man boobs=moobs).
Dude no1: Dude look at that tit-off.
Dude no2: That's some good tittering bro.
by Dana jr. June 01, 2015
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