One of the best name's in golf. They make clubs,balls,bags,hats,etc.
guy1: What clubs you got?
guy2 Titleist
guy1: O i got Dynacrafts...any good?
guy2: If you want to hit it like mark over there
mark: Me?
by Ali G's Main man Alex January 10, 2005
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Said as tit-le-ist. Someone who is so annoying and so unaware of their stupidity that they wouldn't even be useful as a tit. Not to be confused with Titleist golf balls.
A:"Does she EVER shut the hell up?"
R:"No. And she doesn't even realize that it's driving everyone fucking mad.
A:"Sam is the titleist motherfucker i know."
by CaptainDouche May 7, 2006
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A booty that is so large and covered in dimples that it resembles a bag of titleist golf balls.
Kim walked by me in a bikini at the beach yesterday and I wasn’t sure if i should puke or pull out my wood driver when I saw her titleist ass.
by ClayBoy1 February 5, 2018
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A putt that is the perfect speed so as to just gently rest on the edge of the cup before falling in, resembling a slow-motion shot that would appear in a comercial for Titleist.
I almost bogeyed hole 7 but my putt turned into a Titleist ad.
by BennyTheJet1999 October 7, 2020
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