A Tita is the type of girl where you mess with anybody she loves she will come after you. She is a real friend she will tell you the truth and nothing but the truth she doesn't care if you get her by it. She wants people to tell her the truth and the truth only because she rather get hurt by the truth then be protected with a lie. She's sweet until you make her mad. *WARNING* DO NOT GET HER MAD!! She's always living in the drama world. The drama always goes to her then she gets involved. She is hilarious and fun t hang around with. Once she's your friend you don't wanna lose her because she's gonna be by your side 24/7.
I wish i had a tita!
by takitaki mushroom January 31, 2019
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Anyone (usually of hawaiian, filipino, or micronesian ancestry, sometimes mixed with either asian or any other pacific island race) who likes to participate in the following:

-wears basketball shirts or anything of the sort
-like to go to the beach every week (i.e wallrat)
-is probably a slut/pregnant/kinda hot but not really because she is a tita
-usually extremely dark
-hangs around with moke's (see "moke" for reference)
-and always has there hair wrapped around in wild ways using either rubberbands/scrunchies/chopsticks/shirt hanger/babies
-smokes weed
-probably has no future
-is probably the biggest bitch you will ever meet
-sometimes fat
vladimir: eh timmy you fakka! did you see kalei ova there? shes pregnant again.

timmy: dat tita? hooo nahhh cuz she just fat

vladimir: oh.
by ehyoufaka January 25, 2009
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a REAL UGLY FAT female dat looks like a beaver!!!!!!!And is a whore and bitch and slut!!!!!!!!!!...
Look there goes ugly tita!!!!!!
by Da_FiNesT_DuH February 27, 2005
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in Hawaiian Pidgin: 1) sometimes, a term of endearment used to call younger sisters, nieces, especially if said girls are sassy and precocious, 2) used more commonly to describe a really tough girl or woman, usually of Hawaiian or Polynesian ethnicity. In many ways, similar to a Chola. 3) A female moke. Sure, she's a woman but she's got that "you betta not mess wit me, cuz' I gon f'u up" evil stink-eye.
Watch out fo' dat tita, cuz' wen she stat givin’ you da stink eye, cuz' as da only warnin’ you goin’ get befo’ she pound you out!
by localgurl February 25, 2012
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If you're not a pervert, then you were looking for the Hawaiian term for strong independent woman.
If You're a pervert, you tried to type in tits on google and you accidentally typed in tita because your normal typing hand is on your penis, ready to masturbate.
Oh yea, some tita will get me nice and hard. Oh wait thats not right.
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