An adverb, meaning "a lot" but it can be used in other contexts aswell. Cannot really describe it well but check out the examples and you should get it.
I'm sweating like a beaver.

My hand is itching like a beaver.

I've been running like a beaver.
by Lucaio February 2, 2009
1) A druggie/friend that wants some money.

2) Anyone asking you for shit you don't have OR don't want to give them.
Druggie - Hey brah you got some cash money I can borrow juss fo a min?
You - Man You actin' like a damn Beava (Beaver)!!
by JBOW! March 23, 2010
It’s means go away and fuck off with a beaver butt plug
Selena make like a beaver and fuck off
by S&j beaver September 21, 2022