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A city in southern Italy. Once a wonderful city it is now plaugued with mafia violence. It is home to the worst and most feared mafia organization in the world, The Camorra. There are different clans of the camorra that often war with each other over the sales of drugs, prostitution, and controlling businesses. It is more of a threat to Italy than the sicialian mafia was, which is now decreasing. I am Italian and have been to Naples, and let me tell you, don't look at anybody the wrong way, becuase you might end up with a few holes in you.
Raphielle Cutolo, the former leader of the camorra mafia group was arrested and his family members took over the organiztion.
by ScottM July 21, 2005
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first off i'd like to say pacino is the greatest of all time. I mean come one! You cant deney that statement! The Godfather, Te Godfather II, The Godfather III, Scareface, Heat, Any Given Sunday!!! I Love Robert De Niro, but he is no pacino. O and about Robert De Niro, His name is Robert De Niro not Bob de niro, give me a break "Kyle". I know bob is short for robert, but he is known as Robert De Niro, not Bob De Niro. Get your head on straight paizan. O and one last thing. I would like to point out that both Pacino and De Niro are Italian!!!
People think that rappers are gangsters, but Pacino is the real thug!!!
by ScottM August 03, 2005
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An arrogant assh... who thinks he gets brownie points with women by crediting his wife for his success. No george you should thank your daddy, your trust fund, your dads friends in high places,legacy admission to a prestigous university, Karl Rove, A.A. He has left a trillion dollar debt for our nations young citizens, abused the honerable young men and women in the armed services by knowingly accepting false intelligence and manipulating it to have his fantasy of being a war president become a reality.Al quaida thanks him as he is the poster boy for recruitment of anti american sentiment world wide and every innocent civilian he kills, their sons and brother join the resistance in Iraq . You have created a quagmire that the USA will pay for for centuries. Thanks for being the biggest f... up in the history of the United States!
Insight into americas biggest f... up!
by ScottM August 20, 2005
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The greatest country in the world. Amazing architecture, nice people, great soccer games (called football over there), wonderful food ( Olive garden is not REAL Italian food) , drinking age is 16, and great weather. Ive looked at the other definitions of this country and the only two knocks on it are that its tv sucks and the toilets dont work. First off, the toilets work, that is not true. Second it is true that the tv is not great, but this is probably the reason italians have a wonderful, healthy lifestyle and Americans are fat and ugly. Plus with all the fun stuff to do there who needs tv. I am Italian and take great pride in saying that my family comes from this country. If you ever have a chance to go, DO IT!
Dumb person: I cant wait to go to olive garden tonight and get some real italian food!
Me: You dumbass! Thats not italian food! That is Americanized Italian food.
by ScottM July 04, 2005
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MTV is an amazing network!!! it makes you think being popular is the most important thing, shows super cool shows like laguna beach, and shows neato emo all day!!! Super awesome guys!!!
i hope you could sense the sarcasm in that! If u didnt that means you are an aberzombie who watches MTV all day! MTV is for 12 year old girls.
by ScottM July 27, 2005
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i would liek to correct everyone who ha written a definition for tippin. Tippin is when one side of ur car is lowered so it tips to one side. Hence the name tippin. You guys are thinkin of swangin. THats when you swerve from side to side to show off ur car.
by ScottM January 20, 2006
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The greatest rapper alive!!! Not only is he the greatest rapper alive, but he is real. He was in an infamous club shooting where he fired some shots, to save P Diddy ass. He didn't snitch in the trial and got sentenced to 10 years. He got senetenced to 10 fuckin years cuz he didn't wanna snitch. Now that is real. thats the kinda person you want to back you up. He is so much better than these fake rappers today like g unit especially 50 cent and nelly.
He has beef with 50 cent and will tear 50 apart when he gets outta jail.
I didn't think i would ever compare anybody to tupac, but this man is unbeleivable. He is the only one i will ever compare to pac.
Free Shyne! R.I.P. tupac. R.I.P. Biggie Smalls. R.I.P. Eazy-E. R.I.P. Jam Master Jay. Fuck 50 cent, fuck young buck, fuck lloyd banks, fuck tony yayo, fuck olivia, fuck mobb deep, fuck nelly, fuck p diddy, fuck suge knight. Shout out to the game, comin straight outta compton. Game you are the shit for leaving G-Unit. GGGGGGGG G U Not!!!
50 cent is gay. Shyne is the man
by ScottM August 14, 2005
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