A cool cartoon that was made in the early 1990's.

You had lead characters such as Buster and Babs who had the same last name, but were not related. Then there was a whole list of other characters, such as Plucky, Hampton, and Fifi.

Then of course, you have your brat kid names Max. He was rich and selfish. There was also a little girl named Elmyra who had a crush on him.

There were even some cameos from classic WB characters, such as Daffy and Porkey.

One of their most known adventures was the 4 part episode when you would follow along each character as they were on their summer break from school.
There is also this great video game on sega genesis called "Tiny Toon: Buster's Hidden Treasure."
by lunar shadows August 16, 2004
A show, by Steven Spielberg, that was largely popular in the early 90s. TTA featured witty comedy, pop-culture comedy, and wacky hilarity in a Looney Toons fashion. Memorable characters based on the original Looney Toons, and a host of A-List voice actors were amongst the show's lineup.

Largely regarded as one of the best cartoons to span the 90s next to "Animaniacs", "Ren & Stimpy", and "Freakazoid", it spanned over roughly 100 episodes, and still has a cult following today. The main characters of the show were Babs & Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Hamton Pig.

One full-length movie, ending the series on a high note, was released. "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation" is considered by many to be the end of the series, as the only episodes released after that were specials and reruns. The series is supposed to have a DVD release, according to Warner Home Video.

The "Tiny Toon Adventures" theme is by far one of the most popular and memorable TV themes of the 90s. Arch0wl even made a Stepmania file to it, where people can step to the arrows of the song. It tanked, however, because it was made very early when he was extremely inexperienced. There have been numerous versions of the theme available for download on the internet, including versions in Japanese and French.

In all, there were 98 episodes that weren't a special or a movie.

TTA first aired in Sept 14, 1990, and discontinued it on Feb 12, 1993. The last bit of original TTA material to air was on May 28, 1995.
Tiny Toon Adventures, you remain with us in our hearts for all the good times you gave us.
by Arch0wl May 12, 2005
A cartoon created by Tom Ruegger and produced by Steven Spielberg from the early 90s, which features a brand new generation of Looney Tunes characters, who are modeled after existing Looney Tunes. Tiny Toon Adventures follows the Looney Tunes formula very well and continues to utilize the proud tradition of Warner Bros. slapstick, while also throwing in pop culture references. Characters include Buster and Babs Bunny (modeled after Bugs Bunny), Plucky Duck (modeled after Daffy Duck), Hampton Pig (modeled after Porky Pig), Montana Max (modeled after Yosemite Sam), Elmyra Duff (modeled after Elmer Fudd), Dizzy Devil (modeled after Taz) and a bunch of others. They all live in the fictional world of Acme Acres. This show is not a “junior version” of a classic cartoon, as evidenced by the fact that the Looney Tunes characters make cameo appearances in every episode, serving as mentors to the characters of Tiny Toon Adventures. Also known as Tiny Toons.
“Wanna watch Tiny Toon Adventures?” - Katie

“Tiny Toon Adventures? Don’t you mean, Looney Tunes: The Next Generation?” - Lindsay

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!” - Katie

“It’s an awesome show!” - Lindsay
by GoGetterCFerg July 15, 2020
A funny and mildly sarcastic Warner Brothers cartoon that was cancelled after;

1) the producers found out that the furry fandom was (a) using the cartoon as masturbation material, in addition to (b) posting disturbing and disgusting porn pics/fanfics of Babs Bunny, Minerva Mink, and Fefe LaFume all over the Internet. For an example, type "Eric TDK Schwartz" on any Internet search engine.

2) the producers, animators, and voice-actors were being (a) stalked by and (b) receiving harassing letters from pedophile psychos on a daily basis. A well known example of such a psycho is Dennis "Quozl" Falk, who repeatedly stalked the lady who provided the voice for Babs Bunny.

3) the producers checked out the Tiny Toons "fansites", and were horrified by what they saw.
Thanks to those goddamn furries, the Tiny Toon Adventure cartoon is no more.
by Roberto Clave August 17, 2004