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When you have anal sex with a small penis
Even though his penis is small hes still good at doing finbar's
by Bshaha May 17, 2018
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A beautiful person who tends to be very good at soccer.
Person: Who are you voting for homecoming king.
Person 2: Obviously Finbar, he is the best looking and best at soccer.
by NOTAROCK September 02, 2012
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a tall gangly "Irish bog-man"-like lad with thinning hair/badly shaven... usually seen sporting a better-looking woman than he deserves
Check out the geezer over there... he's a right finbar.
by dahnor January 16, 2004
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The man, the legend himself. Finbar does not age, does not obey the laws of time, but does make horribly beautiful jokes. If something goes wrong he laughs. Probably because he’s not the one dying; his elegant crumb catcher (beard) keeps him alive.
Once you go Barry (Finbar), you never go back.

Oh look, that Finbar has a nice crumb catcher!

I really want Finbar's shoes.
by bubbleakita June 17, 2019
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likes to burn to everything and act diferently to everyone!!!! a different boy who is "misunderstood" and is in a moody mood
by Anonymous June 26, 2003
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I. East london slang for an Irish stoner who smokes way too much for his own good.

II. A tall, dark and silent type, not to be confused with the Tall dark and handsome types.
"You see that punk over there?"
"Next to the Finbar with the pills?"
"Yeah, he's a really nice guy. Tall dark and handsome. Shame he's standing next to a Finbar, sort of ruins the effect."
by Preppygolucky July 12, 2010
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