The state of having a sexy V-Shaped back.

Tintyness can be measured on the tintometer (on a scale of 0-500).

Man I wish I was as tinty as Adriana.

Adriana's tintometer exceeds 500!
by Fabian =] February 05, 2007
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This is a phrase that your say when you have to express yourself angrily in a public setting. Another way is to form it as a question to start up a conversation.
Ex: (stubs toe at restaurant...), "KASHINTY ON MY TINTY," the man exclaimed.
Ex: (gaming with friends but it gets silent). You say," Do you wanna kashinty on my tinty?" Friends replies, "What?"
You conclude with, "What? Who said that?"
by Jimmy jamster the hamster December 11, 2018
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Somebody who is hiding what they actually feel.
Sarah is being very tinty
by Tinty master November 25, 2021
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