a hoe that is believed to be very prude and innocent
Judy is a closet hoe she says she is a virgin but she actually lost it to a Mexican immigrant when she was 12
by Martin Kester March 12, 2008
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a hoe who thinks she is a secret hoe and that no one knows she is a hoe but when in reality everyone knows that bitch is a hoe
omg look a that closet hoe walking like she got a dick in her booty
by cece_watson January 11, 2015
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A woman who appears to be innocent and pure but is secretly a hoe thats in disguise.
Man Tina needs to stop fronting she is such a closet hoe.
by Bbro228 May 26, 2009
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A closet Hoe is a house wife. She has sexual relations with her husband like a hooker. Does what he ask and likes and gets paid with a roof over her head and means to buy what she wants. She doesn't get paid with money but is taken care and provided for. A closet hoe doesn't wait for a John to pick her up. She waits for him to come home. It's a saying Hookers at the point used
She thinks she is better than these other hoes cause she is a closet hoe!
by Red Wine February 19, 2019
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Someone who acts like they’re innocent and just your mans friend but down to fuck him the first chance they get behind your back.
Tiffany was my friend till I found out she a closet hoe.
by Iseeyoubiatch February 28, 2018
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A closet full of clothes that other people (mainly parents) don’t know you own.
“Dude I have a hoe closet full for when I go full hoe mode.”
by extended broom handle June 19, 2020
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A girl who likes subnoize bands (ie. KmK, King Spade, Hed Pe, DGAF) but doesn't dress/act like a annoying slut.
"Yeah, I like subnoize music and whiteboys. I'm kind of a closet bro hoe."
by RaeMac January 7, 2010
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